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Understanding how to access and use eBooks.

Library Hub FAQs

       Got a question about the Library Hub that is not eBook related? Check out the Library Hub Guide FAQ page.

External Q&A


Is every book on the Library Hub an eBook?

          Although the Library Hub has access to thousands of eBooks, not every book is available as an eBook. All available eBooks will have a View eBook button below the title. See image below:


How can I limit my search results to just eBooks?

        If you wish to limit your search to just eBooks, use the filters on the left side of the catalogue screen.

Tick on:

  • University of Divinity Libraries
  • eBook


The catalogue says the book I'm looking at is an eBook; where is the View eBook button?

            If there is no view eBook button present, this means that it is not in our collection and your search is showing you results for “libraries worldwide.” Notice that the image below is showing eBooks available worldwide and the absence of a view eBook button (see image). 


Why isn't the eBook I clicked on working?

       Is this message popping up for you? 

The most common reason an eBook might not be working is because the library has a limited amount of copies available. When eBooks are read online, they are "checked out." Much like a print copy, if an item is checked out, you cannot read it. If this is the case, a message should appear saying "all copies are currently in use. Please check back later, or search for another book." Try checking the book in an hour to see if it is available.

Try avoiding opening chapters in multiple tabs at once as this can also cause eBooks to timeout and appear broken.


The eBook I am reading says "You have been timed out due to inactivity. To continue, please refresh this page." What do I do?

          When eBooks are read online, they are "checked out" for a period of time that typically expires after 30 minutes of inactivity. This just means that reading session has timed out. All you need to do is 'refresh' your browser by clicking on the refresh icon. TIP:  While reading eBooks online, you can prevent the reading session from expiring by any action that updates the eBook (e.g. turning the page, etc.)


I’m not a student. Can I access eBooks?

             Unfortunately, off-site eBook access is only available to students and staff members of the UD. However, some of the eBooks we hold are open access, which you are able to read. In the Refine This Search on the side bar, select the Open Access and Full Text options. This will bring up any items we have that relate to your search.


When I click the view eBook button, this Bloomsbury screen appears. What do I do?


            A small number of our eBooks that are a part of our Bloomsbury Theology and Religion Online collection, although appearing on the Library Hub catalogue, can only be accessed directly through the database. If this screen appears, and you have Lean Library installed in your browser, you can click the Theology and Religion Online link at the bottom of the page and Lean Library will enable your access.

Alternatively, you can access the eBook by going to the Library Hub Databases page and select the Theology and Religion Online database. You will be prompted to log in to the Library Hub. Once logged in, you will be able to search for it on there.


Why can’t I download the full text of an eBook?

              Chances are, you have tried to click on the “full download” button. The full download option is not available. Instead, you need to click on the “EPUB Full Text” or “Read Online” button. Alternatively, you can download a chapter to your device to read for later. 


I am wondering what the time limit is for borrowing eBooks?

             Different books have different limits, depending on the publisher. Fortunately, there is no borrowing limit if you choose to use the "read online" option.


How do I cite an eBook if there are no page numbers?

              If a page reference is not available in an e-book or other electronic format, list chapter number or section heading instead, and add the electronic format. Formats include iBooks, Kindle, NOOK, Google Play Books, Adobe Digital Editions EPUB, etc. For example: chap. 7. Kindle. For more citation help, visit the UD’s Style Guide  


Got a different question?

             We are here to help! Get in touch with your librarian or send us an email at