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A basic guide to help users get started with EndNote

On the Library Hub

  1.  Look up the item you wish to reference. On the right-hand side of the page there are four buttons: Cite, Share & Save. Click Cite.


Citing a Record

  1.  In the copy a citation drop-down menu, select the style of citation you wish to export. Chicago (notes - bibliography) 17th Ed. is the standard across the UD. 



  1.  An information window will appear once you have selected your citation style to encourage you to proofread the citation for any mistakes that may be present. Make note of any mistakes so you can edit them later in EndNote.


Downloading the Citation

  1.  Under Export a citation, click on Export to RIS or Export to EndNote.


  1. The RIS file will appear in your downloads. Click on the file to open.

  2. The reference will automatically open in EndNote and the citation will be saved to your library.