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Library Hub Guide

A guide to help you navigate the Library Hub.

Books and eBooks

Selecting the Discover Books and eBooks tab will use the University of Divinity's UDCat combined catalogue service to search multiple library collections and also the University of Divinity's complete eBook collection.

As with Articles and more all the filters are located on the left hand side of the screen


By default the service will search worldwide libraries, and as such will show items that are not held by University of Divinity Libraries. These records will display the text Held by other libraries worldwide so that you can identify when they are not in a University of Divinity Library.

To limit your search just to the University of Divinity Libraries choose the University of Divinity Libraries filter from the left side of the screen.


To limit just to University of Divinity libraries from within a record, choose from the drop down box inside a record or from the filters

To view or export citations click the Cite button. This will allow you to save the citation as a file that can be imported into EndNote or cut and pasted as text.