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Systematic Theology

CT- A guide to direct you to Systematic Theology resources.


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This LibGuide is designed to direct you to useful resources in the field of Systematic Theology. Systematic Theology is "a branch of theology concerned with summarizing the doctrinal traditions of a religion (as Christianity) especially with a view to relating the traditions convincingly to the religion's present-day setting." (In Merriam-Webster's Collegiate(R) Dictionary).

Use the tabs on the side to explore each area of Systematic Theology. Each heading will link to selected reference items, databases, journals, books, ebooks and websites that will provide a useful starting point for your research and study.

Items have been included for their relevance to the subject area. However, they only represent a small selection of the total number of resources available. See the Library Hub Guide for further information about locating and accessing relevant resources.

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