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A basic guide to help users get started with EndNote

Quick Fixes

Q: EndNote is defaulting to Author-Date when I cite EndNote references (bottom on page). How do I fix that that?

       Make sure you have selected the correct output style in the EndNote program (Tools > Output Style > Chicago 17th)  and be sure to do the same in Word at the top bar (EndNote > Style > Chicago 17th. Update Citations and Bibliography).

Hopefully this does the trick!


When it comes to exporting references, the cataloguing system does not always get it right. That is why the proof-read citation box appears when downloading a citation. However, if your keen eyes have noticed something wrong with a citation, here is how to fix it in your EndNote Library.


Step 1: Identifying the Error

Step 2: Edit & Save

Click Edit to make changes to incorrect fields.

After any changes have been made, click save.


Step 3: Result - Fixed Citation

If you notice that your edits have not been made to your Word document, be sure to click Update Citations and Bibliography in the EndNote toolbar.

Changing Capitalization

Capitalization Styles: Endnote Definitions

EndNote will give you three options to choose from:

  • Leave titles as entered: No changes are made.
  • Headline style capitalization: The first letter of every significant word is capitalized. Articles and prepositions are not capitalized.
  • Sentence style capitalization: Only the first letter of every title is capitalized.

Changing Capitalization

Determine if the capitalization you want is selected (by default) for the output style of choice:

  1. Select Tools
  2. Select Output Styles
  3. Select Open Style Manager
  4. Highlight the Style you wish to edit and select edit:
  5. On the left side of the screen look for Footnotes, and the subheading Title Capitalization and determine what the default format is [the default is the bulleted item] If you don't like it you can change it.
  6. Both the Footnotes and Bibliography sections have a Title Capitalization panel. This lets you enter one style of capitalization for the titles in your bibliographic references, and another format for when the references appear in footnotes.
  7. To save changes you have made, exit the window and it will prompt you to save your changes. Don't forget to save your changes as a copy; this way any changes made can be easily fixed without permanently changing the original output style. Test your changes in a test Word document.
  8. You will need to select this copy of the style. In EndNote select the Tools drop down menu and select your new output style.

Note: In Word, you will need to select your new output style in the style dropdown menu and click update citations and bibliography.