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Library Hub Guide

The How To guide to help you navigate the Library Hub.

Linking the Library Hub to Google Scholar

       Google Scholar can be used to search for scholarly information on the internet, including articles, books, conference papers, and theses. Some subject areas have better coverage than others. However, not all results on Google Scholar may provide access to the full-text. By linking the Library Hub to Google Scholar, this will ensure you don’t miss any relevant academic literature for your research. Note: you must have a (personal) Google account to access this feature. Updating your Google Scholar settings will allow you to connect to the UD Library Hub, providing you direct access to our resources. Follow the steps below.

  1.   Access the Google Scholar Settings.

  1. Click Library links on the left-hand menu then search for University of Divinity Libraries in the search box.

  1. Select the checkbox next to the University of Divinity Libraries and click Save.

  1. Now in your searches, Find @ UD Library Hub will appear next to items that are held by the Library Hub. Be sure to use the Find @ UD Library Hub link on the right of your search results for access instead of clicking on the article title. 

NOTE: If you do not see your link, you may need to select More button (More button) or All versions link to access the link for your library.