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Library Hub Guide

A guide to help you navigate the Library Hub.


I have forgotten my password. What should I do?
The Library Hub login page has a link at the bottom of the page to reset or change your password. Alternatively follow this link.


I can't log into the Library Hub. When I put in my email and password in it doesn't work. Help!

The login to the Library Hub is case-sensitive. Be sure to check that your email is all in lowercase when you enter it into the Library Hub login. If that doesn’t work, try using another browser.


I'm still having problems with my password. Who can help me?
If you continue to have login issues please contact the Registrar or ARK Liaison Officer at your College. Library Hub staff are not able to check or change your password.


I’m not a student. Can I access eBooks off-site?

Unfortunately, off-site eBook access is only available to students and staff members of the UD. However, some of the eBooks we hold are open access, which you are able to read. In the Refine This Search on the side bar, select the Open Access and Full Text options. This will bring up any items we have that relate to your search. Alternatively, pop into the library to have full access to our eBook collection.


Can we limit Library Hub searches to ebooks?
Yes, you can!  Search using the “Discover Books & eBooks” search option on the Library Hub home page. Then limit your search results using the filters down the left hand side, selecting "University of Divinity Libraries" and "eBooks".


Why isn't the eBook I clicked on working?

The most common reason an eBook might not be working is because the library has a limited amount of copies available. Much like a print copy, if an item is checked out, you cannot read it. If this is the case, a message should appear saying "all copies are currently in use. Please check back later, or search for another book." Try checking the book in an hour to see if it is available.


How can I find if a print book is held in one of the University of Divinity Libraries?

Select the "Books and eBooks" tab from the Library Hub Home Page. This will search across the University of Divinity Libraries print and electronic collections. If none of the University of Divinity Libraries hold the book the nearest libraries that do are shown.


I am wondering what the time limit is for borrowing eBooks?
Different books have different limits, depending on the publisher. Fortunately, you can just re-borrow them after they expire.


How do I know if a Journal I need is held by the University of Divinity Libraries?
Use the Journal Finder to find out which journals are held by the University of Divinity Libraries electronically or in print. If the journal is not held by the University of Divinity the service will show nearby libraries that you might be able to request the journal from. (Note: don't type the title of the individual article!)
Alternatively, from the the Library Hub home page - Use the "Find & Access drop down menu at the top of the page and select "Journals".


Some Universities have an A-Z Journals and Databases web page where you can link directly to the library's online subscriptions. Is there something similar through the Library Hub?
There sure is! You can go directly to the A-Z Databases page.
Alternatively, from the the Library Hub home page - Use the "Find & Access drop down menu at the top of the page and select "Databases".


How do I find the Full Text of Articles?

Select the "Journal Articles & More" tab from the Library Hub Home Page. This search aggregates many different databases into a single interface. If you are unable to locate a particular journal you can use the Journal Finder to search for journal titles. This search will show you what is held electronically and what is a print journal in the University of Divinity Libraries print collections.


How Can I Find the Best Article Databases For My Research Topic?

Select Databases from the Find & Access dropdown menu on the Library Hub Homepage. By floating your mouse over the information icon, you will be given a brief description of each database. You can search for a Database title, select the vendor, or browse by database type.


The eBook I want to read is on Internet Archive. Do I need to use my ARK details to borrow the book?

No, you don't need to use your ARK details to borrow a book from Internet Archive. Most items on their are open access so you won't need an account at all. However, some titles will require you to "borrow" them. To do this, simply set up a free account and then once that is done, click the big blue button that says borrow on the title you want to read. That's all there is to it!