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Library Hub Guide

A guide to help you navigate the Library Hub.

Signing In

Setting up and signing into your separate library account

You do not need to log into the Library Hub to conduct a search, however, there is an option to create a library account to manage your physical loans, i.e. renewing books, saving searches and placing items on hold. To use this function, you must create and sign in to your own, separate, library account. 

To do this, click Sign In at the top right of the catalogue and set your own password using your student number/barcode. (refer to the images below).

Things to Remember: 

  • You must create this account yourself.
  • This account is for renewing books, placing items on hold, and saving searches.
  • Your barcode is your student number.

NOTE: If your home library is a non-WMS Library, you can still create an account, but you will not be able to view or renew loans you have with your home library.  You can still place holds on print resources you find on the Hub and save your searches. 

Account Features

How to self-renew your books

  1. Open up the library catalogue.

  2. Click sign in at the top right corner.

  3. If this is your first time signing in, you must create an account. To do this, enter your student number (barcode) and click set/reset password. Once you have set a password, you will be able to sign in.

  4. Click My Account and select checkouts from the drop down.

  5. Tick the items you wish to renew and click renew items.

  6. An email will be sent with an updated due date.

How to save searches

If you have created a complex search and want to avoid remembering which search terms you entered to generate your search results later, you can save your search. To do this:

  1. After you search results have been generated, click the heart save search button on the top right corner of the result list.
  2. Click save.
  3. To access your saved search, click my account and select saved searches from the drop down menu.


How to create lists


To save items from different searches into a custom list

  1. Click on the star save button on the item. Repeat this step.
  2. Once you have completed compiling your resources, click saved items from the grey bar at the top right of the catalogue.
  3. From here, you can click create list to save it to your account, email it to yourself or others and export a citation list.
  4. To access saved lists, click my account and select saved searches from the drop down menu.



How to place an item on hold

To avoid a book that you would like to borrow that is out on loan from being renewed by another user, you can place it on hold.

  1. In the catalogue, find the title you wish you place on hold.
  2. Check to see if it is available from your college library or a library that you are able to physically access to pick up the item.
  3. Click the red place hold button.
  4. Be sure to specify which library you wish to pick up the book from and specify which copy/edition of the book you would like (if necessary).
  5. Once you have finished filling out the required information, click submit.  


NOTE: The Library Hub does not provide a courier service. Students will need to physically go to other libraries if they chose a print copy within the UD that is not held at their home library. Please make sure you can travel to the library you choose to place a hold with or contact the library about their policy on providing scanned chapters of items.