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Australian Women in Religion Archive


Women-Church: an Australian journal of feminist studies in religion was published between 1987 and 2007 by the Women-Church Journal Collective. The 40 issues that were produced covered a broad array of topics around the feminist study of religion and theology.

Print copies are available in a number of libraries. Select articles are also available online on the Informit Platform, for those who have access via their institution. 

Mannix Library has now digitised all issues and they are to be made available open access to all, to facilitate future study and research. The digitised issues are available on the University of Divinity's Digital Collections website. 

Women-Church records went to the Jessie Street National Women's Library in Sydney.

Magdalene : a Christian newsletter for women

Magdalene: a Christian newsletter for women was published in Sydney by Christian Women Concerned. A total of 15 volumes were published Vol. 1 (May 1973)-3/4 1987.

Mannix Library is digitising the entire run of this title in 2022. All issues will be available on the University's Digital Collections site. Library Manager, Kerrie Burn has sourced all issues of Magdalene from Libby Tulip, daughter of Marie Tulip, who was one of the founding editors and a regular contributor to the magazine.

Libby is also sending some other miscellaneous writings on women and religion that can be added to this archive.

Internet Archive and Wikimedia Commons

The Church Missionary Gleaner includes lots of information about Church Missionary Society (Anglican) missionaries in the late 1800s, many of whom were women. Issues are available on the Internet Archive for 1878-1892.

The Church Missionary Gleaner is also available on Wikimedia Commons for people to use as a reference and to take pictures from to use in Wikipedia articles. It is important to search on Wikimedia Commons under "Other Media"

Other historical books and journals can also be discovered in Wikimedia Commons that may provide useful references for missionaries from other denominations. Remember to search under "Other Media".