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Australian Women in Religion Archive

Wikipedia Articles

The women listed below are included in the Australian Women in Religion Project list and have had a new Wikipedia page created since this project commenced in late 2019. Many other women on the list have had their Wikipedia pages updated and improved. Our goal was to create at least 100 new Wikipedia pages in 2021 and to reach 200 new articles by the end of 2023.

Wikipedia has a grading scale for articles. Most articles that this project will deal with will be in the range Stub - Start - C-class - B-class. The articles highlighted as C or B-class in the list below are therefore examples of high quality articles.

DYK refers to that article also appearing on Wikipedia's main page in the Did You Know? section.

Improved Wikipedia Articles

  1. Bessie Lee Cowrie
  2. Elaine Wainwright
  3. Elizabeth Brentnall (Pascal)
  4. Ellen Whitty (Mother Vincent Whitty)
  5. Isabelle Bean 
  6. Jane Gorry (Sister Mary de Sales) (Blundell)
  7. Karen Soria (Hamlen) - expanded stub article
  8. Kate Prowd - (Burn)
  9. Kate Wilmot (Pascal)
  10. Lucy Beeton (Pascal)
  11. Marion Maddox
  12. Marie Tulip
  13. Patricia Ann Brennan (Hamlen)
  14. Phyllis Frost (Burn)
  15. Sarah Macneil (Hamlen)
  16. Ursula Frayne (Hamlen)


  1. Servants of the Blessed Sacrament (Gilbert)

If a woman from our list has already been allocated, the surname of the relevant Wikipedia editor is indicated in brackets below.
Each name links to the Wikidata entry for each woman which may include links for secondary sources.

Women associated with the Movement for the Ordination of Women

Other Suggested Articles for Creation

Suggestions for Wikipedia articles that NEED IMPROVEMENT

Women included on the Australian Dictionary of Biography with a stub Wikipedia page that needs improvement.

Women associated with the Movement for the Ordination of Women

Other stub articles that need improvement

Indigenous Women of interest to the Australian Women in Religion WikiProject include:

  1. Anne Pattel-Gray -
  2. Aunty Jean Phillips -
  3. Brooke Prentis -
  4. Denise Mary Champion -
  5. Elizabeth Hindson -
  6. Ellen Atkinson -
  7. Elsie Heiss -
  8. Emma Timbery -
  9. Gladys Elphick -
  10. Joy Murphy Wandin -
  11. Karen Kime -
  12. Kathleen Wallace -
  13. Lowitja O'Donoghue -
  14. Lucy Beeton -
  15. Marjorie Liddy -
  16. Mary Ellen Cuper -
  17. Melissa Brickell -
  18. Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann -
  19. Mum Shirl -
  20. Muriel Stanley -
  21. Ningali Cullen -
  22. Veronica Willaway -