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Alumni Services

Web Resources


Laudate  iOS | Android Free
Hallow: Prayer and Meditation iOS | Android Paid
Discerning Hearts iOS | Android Free
One Minute Pause iOS | Android Free
Watch: The Chosen  iOS | Android Free
The Episcopal Podcast  Spotify | Apple Free
Pints with Aquinas Podcast Spotify | Apple  Free
The Bible in a Year with Fr. Mike Schmitz Spotify | Apple Free
Pray as You Go Spotify | Apple | Google Free
Buckler & Shield   Apple | PodBean Free
Sunday Night Live from Melbourne (Melbourne Prays) Spotify | PodBean Free
Dominicast: Truth Bytes Apple | PodBeanSoundCloud Free
Sed Contra: A Podcast of Catholic Theology   Spotify | Apple | PodBean Free
The Poco a Poco Podcast Spotify |Apple | PodBean Free
Watch: The Chosen  iOS | Android Free
Ascension Presents YouTube Free
Melbourne Prays  YouTube Free
Theology Thursdays with Dr Paul Morrissey  YouTube Free
Word on Fire Website Paid Subscription
Formed Website Paid Subscription OR check to see if your parish subscribes
EWTN On Demand Website Free (in app purchases available) 
Wild Goose TV YouTube | Website Free | Paid Subscription