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Style Guide

University of Divinity Style Guide

Scholarly Works - Book with translator and/or editor

Book with a translator and/or editor in addition to an author        CMOS 14.103–14.105

Rule for notes

First name Surname, Title of Book in Italics, trans. and/or ed. First name Surname of translator and/or editor (Place of publication: Publisher, Year published), page number, DOI or URL if consulted online.

Example of note entry

Alexis Mallon, Coptic Grammar Grammaire Copte, trans. Boulos A. Ayad (Cairo: Youssef Kamal Printing House, 2004), 21.

Example of subsequent note entry           

Mallon, Coptic Grammar, 302.

Rule for bibliography 

Surname, First name. Title of Book in Italics. Translated and/or edited by First name Surname of translator or editor. Place of publication: Publisher, Year published. DOI or URL if consulted online.

Example of bibliography entry

Mallon, Alexis. Coptic Grammar Grammaire Copte. Translated by Boulos A. Ayad. Cairo: Youssef Kamal Printing House, 2004.


Examples and variations of notes and bibliographies: CMOS 14.23