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A basic guide to help users get started with EndNote


Q: There are two Chicago 17th styles available to export my reference as. Which one do I choose? 

              Choose the Chicago 17th Notes - Bibliography option. The Chicago 17th Author-Date option is for in-text citations.


Q: I am trying to connect my university directly into my EndNote library but can’t find the library or University of Divinity on the list of databases. What do I do? 

             Unfortunately, with our licensing, we cannot connect EndNote to the university directly. However, you can export citations you find at the Library Hub catalogue directly into EndNote. When you find the text you'd like to reference in the catalogue, there is a button that says cite. A box will appear asking you to select your referencing style (Chicago 17th) and then you can click Export to EndNote or Export to RIS. Once you click on the downloaded file, it will automatically transfer to your EndNote library. 


Q:  When I try to open the program I get a license key request. Help!

          Before running EndNote, ensure that both files are saved into the same folder. Make sure that the license file has been unzipped (if the Extract All button does not appear in the toolbar, right-click file, select Extract All, and Extract to the EndNote folder). Once a new DAT license file appears in the folder, you can click the EndNote Installer and follow the prompts to complete installation. Refer to the image below:



Q: I have got a new computer how do I transfer my literature that is stored on my laptop to my PC please? 

      To transfer your files, you’ll need to hop on your laptop and

  1. Open the library that you wish to transfer.
  2. Select File and click Compressed Library (.enlx).
  3. Select the Create option to create a compressed library you can save on your computer and then attach to an email.
  4. Click Next. This will allow you to choose where the compressed library will be saved and you can choose to rename it, if desired.
  5. Click Save. Please note that a large library with many attachments may take a long time to compress. The compressed library will have a .enlx extension.
  6. The compressed library can now be attached to an email, on a usb, or put on a network or cloud drive for your use.

Once you have EndNote up and running on your new PC,

  1. Make sure the .enlx file is saved to your new PC.
  2. Select Open→Open Library from the File menu in EndNote and select the compressed library file. When the file uncompresses it will become a .enl file and .data folder.
  3. Enjoy your referencing 

For more information on transferring and backing up files, click here.


Q: I bought a new computer, can I still install EndNote?

Yes, absolutely! You can download and install EndNote the same way you installed it last time by hopping onto the EndNote Delivery Unit in ARK. Unless you have changed your email in ARK, there is no need to submit a new access form - your details will already be in the system.  You can find the steps on how to download EndNote here.

If you would like to transfer your old EndNote Library to your new computer, follow the steps in the question above.


Q: I've got a new Mac with the M1 chip. Can I use EndNote?

          First of all, congratulations on getting such a snazzy upgrade. Second of all, yes you can. If you want to use the Cite-While-You-Write function, you must open Microsoft Word with Rosetta first. To do this, open Finder > Applications. Select Word, then go to File > Get Info in the menu bar or press Command+I on your keyboard. Check the box for Open using Rosetta.

For more information on Rosetta, visit the Apple Support page.


Q: My references are showing up like this {Smith, 2012 #11}. What do I do?

        These curly bracket footnotes is what Word shows you when it stops formatting the EndNote codes in your Word Document.

This is usually easily fixed by finding the Update Citations and Bibliography button in your EndNote toolbar in Word.  As long as you haven't changed anything in the curly brackets, your Word Document and EndNote library should be able to work it out between themselves and put everything back where it belongs.

If you have changed anything inside the curly brackets, however, you may find the EndNote can't recognise the citation to fix it.  It should just ask you to search for the correct citation to replace the one you have altered, but you may end up having to delete your altered citation and put the correct one back in.


Q: Error message - "Server threw an Exception." What does that mean?

          This error will come up if you are using a different version of EndNote than the version of the CWYW tools that are installed in Word. It may also come up if the library you are using has become corrupt. For more information about this, click here.


Q: I have downloaded EndNote but there aren't any references in my library? Where are they?

            In order to have a library full of references, you must first find the references you would like to add to your library. To learn how to import references to your library, please refer to the Exporting References from the Library Hub page.


Q:  I have closed Microsoft Word, but I still can't install EndNote. What do I do?

         Make sure that you have no other Microsoft programs open e.g. Outlook, Edge, PowerPoint, Excel, OneDrive etc. Once you have done this, exit your installer and start again.


Q:  I used EndNote years ago can't log in. Can I access it again?

         If you have not accessed your EndNote account for over 3 years, your account will have been disabled. If you are a current student or staff of the University of Divinity you can re-apply for EndNote and regain your access.


Got a different question?

             There are plenty of ways to find support using EndNote:

  • If you would like to browse through questions that other people have asked, visit Clarivate's Support Page.
  • If you would like to see questions from staff and students at the UDiv, visit the EndNote Support Forum on ARK.
  • We are here to help! Send IT an email (please be as specific as you can) at
  • If we don't know the answer, call Clarivate's EndNote customer support line to walk you through any technical issues Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 7.00pm on 1800 312965