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A basic guide to help users get started with EndNote

Ensure Word is using the Chicago 17th Footnote style

Before you begin, be sure that EndNote is using the Chicago Footnote style. In Word, change to the EndNote tab and, from the Style drop-down, select Chicago 17th Footnote as the style.

Insert a footnote using Word

  1. Still in Word, place your cursor in the document where you want to add a new citation.
  2. Next, change to the References tab and add a footnote using Word's footnote function. 

Quick Trick: Keyboard shortcut on Windows, Ctrl+Alt+F. (On a Mac, Cmmd+Alt+F)

Insert the citation into the footnote

  1. After inserting the footnote, Word will automatically place the cursor in the footnote, ready to add content.
  2. Change to the EndNote 20 tab in Word.
  3. Next, click the Find Citation button (the button with the magnifying glass above Insert Citation).


  1. The Find & Insert My References box will appear. Type in an author, a word, or even part of a word, from the citation you wish to use and click Find.
  2. Select the citation you would like to use.
  3. Click Insert. The appropriate citation will be inserted into your footnote, and a reference list will be created (or updated) at the end of the document.


Adding page numbers to your citation

If you are using quotes, you must remember to add page numbers to your footnotes.

  1. In Word's EndNote Tab, click once on the footnote citation to select it. The background should turn grey indicated it is selected.
  2. Click on Edit & Manage Citation(s).


  1. An Edit & Manage Citations box will pop up. Type the page number (or page range) into the Pages field.
  2. Click OK  and the page number(s) will be added to your Word citation as appropriate for that particular type of reference.